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Revolutionizing the rehabilitation of stroke patients with the help of Laurentian graduates

Local company, IRegained, making a positive impact on the health of the community.

(August 23, 2022) - When Vineet Benjamin K. Johnson founded IRegained in 2016, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the rehabilitation of stroke patients, Johnson knew he needed to hire a team of professionals trained in a variety of disciplines including engineering, computational sciences and kinesiology. Global statistics inform that 70% of stroke patients require hand rehabilitation. That’s where IRegained and the invention of the MyHand™ system comes in. It’s also where Laurentian graduates come in, as approximately 60% of staff at IRegained are Laurentian University alumni.

The MyHand™ system is a scientifically proven, smart, digital rehabilitation system that rewires the brain through the power of neuroplasticity. According to Johnson, this system has contributed to incredible results in the recovery of stroke patients and the use of their hands, enhancing their quality of life.

Rakshit Sorathiya, Master’s of Computational Science graduate and Computer Programmer at IRegained helped develop the technology behind the MyHand™ system: “Through proper guidance from IRegained mentors and professors at Laurentian University, it was a great experience to come up with the new technology. Working on IOP devices, like the microcontrollers, was a totally new experience for me.”

Britney Lamarche, Master’s of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering graduate and Mechanical Engineering Research and Development Lead at IRegained added: “I feel like the role I have at IRegained isn’t like very many other engineering jobs you might get. Because we are such a small company, we actually dip our toes into a bit of everything. So although I am in an engineering position, I am not only doing design work on the computer, I'm also assembling the device [MyHand™ system], seeing patients using it, troubleshooting it, redesigning it.”

Eric Dumais, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology graduate and Clinical Research Lead at IRegained also spoke positively about his work: “My position is rewarding in a couple of different ways….We have a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. Many of the [stroke] patients we have served had almost no hope when we met them….When you can consistently deliver high quality care with the help of world-leading technology, it just feels awesome.”

Looking into the future, IRegained founder, CEO and President, Johnson, observes: “There is lots that can be done.” IRegained hopes to launch The MyHand™ system as telemedicine within the next few years so that patients can connect remotely with a therapist while using the device from home. Due to the wide impact strokes can have on the body, IRegained is also keen on expanding from the hand to other body parts that may benefit from rehabilitation post stroke.

For Johnson, “it is very important to hire local.” That’s why employing graduates from Laurentian University makes sense. He speaks fondly about his team, and describes being proud of the impact they are making on the lives of so many. And this is just the beginning for IRegained. With the help of Laurentian graduates, IRegained is sure to continue to make positive contributions in stroke rehabilitation for years to come.

To learn more about IRegained, visit their website or follow them on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

You can also listen to a recent interview that IRegained founder, CEO and President, Johnson Vineet Benjamin K. Johnson, supported, via this link


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