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Laurentian's reaction to changes to tuition framework


January 17, 2019 – The Ontario Government announced this morning that universities’ and colleges’ tuition fees will decrease by 10% for 2019-2010, and be frozen for the following year. While this will reduce Laurentian University’s revenues, we support decisions that increase access to post-secondary education for students. 

Laurentian has the highest proportion of first-generation students in the province and this announcement will benefit them.
However, Laurentian, like many other northern universities, is in a difficult financial situation. Costs related to higher education in the North are higher, and for the last decade, grants to support northern students have been frozen, while overall operating grants have declined with inflation. At the same time, there is a growing need for more investments in mental health, faculty renewal and student supports. Ontario is also facing a demographic decline which further stresses our financial situation. 

Laurentian University welcomes Minister Fullerton’s commitment to maintain current grant funding levels and to create a fund to support northern universities most impacted by the tuition reduction.  
We share this government’s commitment to build the workforce of the future for Ontario. 


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